Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Quilling Art Blogs for Quilling Lovers - Honey's Quilling by Honey

Honey's Quilling by Honey
Personally, I really like what Honey has shared with us, a lot of knowledge and tutorials about quilling, which is great for beginners to learn and understand what quilling is. For example, she shared how to make basic quilling shapes in detail here, and which paper quilling tool to use here. These are all the basic of learning how to make quilling.

Honey is very good at making quilling jewelry and she shares a lot of tutorials about how to make quilling jewelry. Also, you can find a wealth of paper quilling inspiration, tips, tricks, resources, and tutorials on her blog.

Let's enjoy some of Honey's recent works:

1. Quilling Hare Clips by Honey
Quilling Hare Clips by Honey

2. Retro Circles Paper Quilled Jewelry Collection

By the way, her daughter's quilling paper works are also very beautiful, click here to enjoy.

Want to know more about Honey's Quilling:

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