Thursday, October 26, 2017

Quilled Geisha - Japanese paper doll by Inna Dorman

Paper Artist Inna Dorman make a Japanese paper doll using original Japanese washi paper and quilling strips. She shares this works on Inna's Creation Blog:
Hello my dear readers!
I haven't been writing to this blog for a long time, but I still do quilling and have creations to show. Today it will be a paper doll made out of original Japanese washi paper and quilling strips.
My friend and a fellow quiller Yulia loves the Japanese-themed dolls I made earlier, like the doll with a shamisen, and the doll with a cat. Yulia asked me to make a doll for her. I knew I should do something special. As always, before starting to quill I did a thourough research, seeing a lot of Japanese dolls on the Internet.....
More Details please click the link below to Inna's Creation Blog:


  1. Hi Amanda, I don't allow to copy my articles.
    If you want to keep this post, please edit it that the post will contain only one picture and a short text, and provide an active (i.e. clickable, do-follow) link to my blog.

    1. Hi Inna,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      I have changed the post, any other problem, please feel free to contact and let me know.
      It's very nice to meet you, you are a great artist of paper art.