Friday, October 27, 2017

10 Quilling Art Blogs for Quilling Lovers - Inna's Creations Blog

Inna Dorman's Inna's Creations Blog :

Inna's Creations Blog

Inna's blog started in 2008, have about 10 years and 300 articles. And her works are very delicate and pretty, includes holiday things, dolls, letters, animals etc. She especially good at 3D quilling.

Recent Works of Inna:
Japanese Paper Doll
Illuminated Capital "L"
Queen's Guard soldier
Brief introduce of Inna Dorman:

Inna Dorman is an engineer by profession although now stay at home with her three kids. They live in Israel and love doing crafts. She tries to take advantage of their creative activities for developing and educating her childrenInna, although having fun is the main goal. In 2008 she has fallen in love with paper quilling (or paper filigree). Now she is an addicted self-taught quiller, and spend doing it a great deal of her spare time. Gradually her blog has become devoted mostly to this art. She doesn't have an art background and uses the Web and books as sources of inspiration, although most of the ideas and designs are original, her or her children's. In addition to crafts, she loves nature, hiking, cooking, animals, and her family in the first place.

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