Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Quilling Art Blogs for Quilling Lovers - Honey's Quilling by Honey

Honey's Quilling by Honey
Personally, I really like what Honey has shared with us, a lot of knowledge and tutorials about quilling, which is great for beginners to learn and understand what quilling is. For example, she shared how to make basic quilling shapes in detail here, and which paper quilling tool to use here. These are all the basic of learning how to make quilling.

Honey is very good at making quilling jewelry and she shares a lot of tutorials about how to make quilling jewelry. Also, you can find a wealth of paper quilling inspiration, tips, tricks, resources, and tutorials on her blog.

Let's enjoy some of Honey's recent works:

1. Quilling Hare Clips by Honey
Quilling Hare Clips by Honey

2. Retro Circles Paper Quilled Jewelry Collection

By the way, her daughter's quilling paper works are also very beautiful, click here to enjoy.

Want to know more about Honey's Quilling:

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Quilling Art Blogs for Quilling Lovers - All Things Paper Ann Martin

All Things Paper by Ann Martin
If you are a quilling fan and love finding quilling-related content online, the quilling ideas, quilling patterns, quilling tutorial, then Ann Martin and her All Things Paper should be on your lists.

Ann Martin has been exploring the worlds of creative paper art and paper craft at All Things Paper since 2009. Topics range from the latest on the craft scene - stylish paper-related DIYs, trends, and book reviews - to interviews with established artists and emerging artisans with big ideas. She hopes readers will be inspired to look at the paper in a new light.

Who is Ann Martin?
Ann Martin - Quilling Artist
Ann Martin is a quilling enthusiast, a former hospital nurse, lives on the east coast of the United States in Delaware where she designs paper projects for books and magazines. She loves introducing the surprising concept of rolled paper art to those who have never seen or heard of quilling. A particular passion is creating quilled jewelry.

Her newest book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, can be purchased in print format or as an eBook from Interweave Publishing. It is also available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book Depository (free international shipping), or your favorite bookstore.

Her previous books, All Things Paper: 20 Unique Projects from Leading Paper Crafters, Artists, and Designers and Creative Paper Quilling: Wall Art, Jewelry, Cards & More, are in stores and libraries worldwide.

Let's enjoy some of her recent works together:

Quilled Rose Gold Paper Necklace

DIY Christmas Card by Ann
Learn more about Ann Martin and her Works:
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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Framed Quilling - Poppies and Dandelion by Inna Dorman

Inna shared a new project on her Inna's Creations Blog, look at the picture above, do you love it?

I love this project very much, the green leaves, red poppies, yellow dandelions, and bumblebees, all the elements are very beautiful, so-three-dimensional, lush and vibrant.

If you want to learn more about this project, please visits:

If you want to know how to make this project, please buy the tutorial on Etsy.com:

More Projects by Inna: