Saturday, November 25, 2017

3D Quilling Christmas Santa - Learn How to Make Cutest Quilled Santa Claus

3D Quilling Santa Claus
3D Quilling-Santa Claus

Do you ever wanna to quill a 3D Santa Claus? 
The material will be used:
  • Red quilling strips to make body and arms.
  • White quilling strips to make cap, arms, and bears.
  • Black quilling strips to make the belt of Santa.
  • Brown quilling strips to make legs and belt sign.
  • Naked quilling strips to make face and hands.
  • Fake eyes for toys to make Santa's eyes.
Quilling Strips Recommend to you:

The Quilling Tools will be used:
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The steps:

1. Body: Make 2 large tight coils, and stick together as the body of the Santa.

Stick 2 large tight coils together to make Santa's body

2. Arms: Make 2 small tight coils as the arms of Santa.

3. Cap: Make a tight coil as the hat of Santa

4. Face: Make a naked color tight coil as the face of Santa

5. Beard: Make 2 small teardrops and cut a white strip as the mustache and beard of Santa

6. Legs: 6 Tight Coils to make legs

7. Hands: 2 eyes shape to be as the hands of Santa.

8. Belt: Using Hand-operated quilling crimper to make a black belt and stick onto the body.

9. Stick all the parts together.

Learn more how to make this Cutest Quilled Santa Claus, please watch the video:

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